Junk Converters

MediaCorp Channel 8 (2015)

Following a team of 4 kids, a host, and an expert artist on a yellow bus, the Junk Converters embarks on an adventure to explore all over Singapore in search of various “junk” items that can be reused and recycled into useful, practical, and fun things, whilst featuring existing individuals & artists, organisations, and movements that adopt good recycling and earth conservation habits.

跟着我们创艺小巴士 的四位小组员,主持人 坤华哥哥和环保艺术家Didier姐姐 环游全岛搜索各种各样能被再循环的’垃圾‘物品。在此同时,也借这个机会展现拥有保护地球意识的不同社会人士,希望人们能从中获得启发,也意识到环保的重要性。

The Team

Executive Producer Rita Zahara Mohamed Nazeer

Director Lucas Chiam, Melvin Chan

Producer Nafisah Alias

Editor Gerard

Host Zhong Kun Hua 坤华

Art Host Didier Ng

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